John Wick: Chapter 2 – 2017

I’m back to watching films and I’ve got a lot of back log from as far back as late 2014 so the next few posts will probably be a bit all over the place, but let’s get straight to one of my favourites, John Wick.

After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life”

The first installment of John Wick was one, if not the best action film of the last decade, only really rivalled by the Taken franchise for me. Although I did also have a soft spot for The Equalizer which came out at a similar time to John Wick. There’s also been a few decent low budget ones but they all seem to be the same thing, either corrupt police with one good guy left, or taking down a drug cartel. Also as much as the entire Taken franchise is good, I think we can all agree that the first one was by far the best and in comparison the 2nd and 3rd were minorly disappointing. So I went into seeing this film with high hopes but also with doubts.

First of all the synopsis that I’ve quoted from IMDb doesn’t summarise or even really give you any idea of what the story is but if you’ve seen the first one, which I assume you have if you’re reading this, then you’ll know what it’s all about anyway. Secondly, the few people I’ve spoken to about this film showed the same disappointment in it that I did at Taken 2. Nobody seemed particularly over enthused about it and said it was nowhere near as good as the first one. I think part of the problem was that it was overhyped; there were endless trailers for weeks before this film actually came out that the first one simply didn’t have and as much as it might have made it more money at the cinema, it did have a negative impact on the viewing of the film. It also didn’t have the surprise factor that the first film had. We knew his story now, we knew there was going to be endless action, we knew there was going to be betrayal, we were praying there wasn’t going to be another dog death (thankfully there wasn’t), but everything that happened in this film you knew was going to happen.

For me however none of that actually took away from how good it was. Alright it’s not exactly an Oscar-worthy piece of cinematic brilliance, but it’s fun, graphic, intense, has an excellent protagonist and the perfect actor playing him, and is an all-round good watch. There’s not really much else to say about it, I can’t go into the story in much detail because the story doesn’t have much detail. It’s a classic action storyline but with modernised action scenes and high quality graphics and camerawork that wasn’t available when this type of film was really popular.

One thing I can say and it’s a minor spoiler I suppose but it’s hardly going to ruin the film of you haven’t seen it, is that it does set it up for there to be a third and probably final film that should be the most action packed yet, and that I am very excited about.


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