Game Of Thrones – Season 6 Review

*Spoiler Alert*

Another season of Game of Thrones seems to have swiftly come and gone and left us with lots to look forward to in 8 months time. Seasons 4 and 5 for me really disappointed so my expectations for this season weren’t particularly high and I don’t look forward to it as much anymore. Those low expectations though might have been what made this season seem so good. There were a few episodes in the middle of the season that as expected were a bit boring, but obviously storylines need to be set up and big events need to have anticipation. It’s all good writing really and that shows in the massive ratings that this show gets.

I always compare it to The Walking Dead because they’re the two biggest fantasy/action shows in the World right now and although very different I think that it’s fair to compare the two. Their target audience is somewhat similar, they’re both based on a different piece of fiction, and they both get massive ratings on a Sunday night in numerous countries. A few things that TWD has going for it is that the comic books are still being written, so it could be a seemingly endless program. That could prove a problem because it will be a struggle to keep it interesting for so long. TWD also has a lot more episodes per season, so the boring episodes in the middle that both programs have seem a lot less noticeable. GoT is a rare program with only the 10 episodes per season and per year. For a lot of people that adds to the anticipation and the excitement of the show and that’s understandable but at the same time out of those 10 episodes per season I feel like only 5 are really good and that’s not enough for me. There may also be 5 boring episodes per season of TWD but that’s 5 out of 20+.

Another comparison that can be made between the two are the vast amount of different storylines within the program. With the more episodes, TWD can get away with having a lot of different plots and can dedicate different episodes to one specific plot at a time. GoT has really struggled with that in the past and did so again at times this season. Towards the end of the season though a lot of the different storylines started to converge and we finally have a narrative we can actually follow without a lot of confusion. At the beginning of the season we had several different main characters in several different parts of the World with several minutes of the episode each and it was stupidly hard to follow.

The season did get progressively better though, with episode 9, ‘The battle of the Bastards’ being the best episode in the entire 6 series so far. With Ramsay Bolton dead though there needed to be a new villain we could truly hate and it seems like Cersei Lannister is yet again going to take up that mantle. She has been the main villain on more than one occasion but it certainly does not get boring. Lena Headey has been exceptionally since the first season and with The Mountain by her side she sits upon The Iron Throne once again. The ending saw a united Winterfell, led by Jon Snow with the backing of other armies and leaders of the North. Littlefinger is waiting in the shadows though, plotting something devious no doubt that involves his infatuation and obsession with Sansa. I’m not 100% sure if the next challenge Jon Snow and Winterfell face is from a different army, the Whitewalkers, or a threat from the inside.

Arya Stark is another one on a journey back to where she began. Her storyline since she was forced to flee has been very strange and all a bit pointless. It’s just really been a long-winded way of training her to be a clever killed and keeping her out of the way of the main characters so there can be a uniting of all the surviving Starks later on. I like Arya and I like Maisie Williams but I’d gotten really quite bored of her for about 3 seasons and I’m not sure it was worth the wait.

Obviously the biggest convergence in the storylines next season will be the appearance of Daenerys Targaryen and her massive army, along with Tyrion, and Theon and Yara Greyjoy. Lord Varys is also there with the woman and her daughters and that army. I keep forgetting about them so I have no recollection of any of their names. Let’s face it the only part they’ve played in anything remotely interesting is when Bronn and Jaime were there. I think I’m the only person who thinks this but other than Tyrion Lannister being by her side, the entire Daenerys storyline bores me. There’s sometimes good action in it and everybody likes a good dragon but I just don’t see the appeal in her. Most of that part of the story is all in subtitles that I can’t be bothered reading and it’s been pretty repetitive for the best part of the last 3 seasons. Sure she ends a few episodes in spectacular fashion but Tyrion has made it relevant and entertaining again.

A few other plots and characters that I don’t really know where are going or really where they ended this season there was so much to keep up with. Firstly and I think most importantly is Bran Stark, who’s now the three-eyed Raven. He has the ability now to manipulate the past and the future it seems but he completely disappeared in season 5 along with my interest level for him. Nobody seems to like his character but it seems he will have an important part to play in the next season or two. Secondly is Brienne: I don’t remember where she ended or what she’s doing next but I do like her. Thirdly The Hound, a very loveable character in my opinion. His return proved that unless you see the severed head of a character you think is dead, the chances are they’re not. He’s a brutal character that I can’t wait to see in the middle of a big battle again and I hope we do get to see that again next season. I have a sneaking feeling he’ll end up being killed (again) by The Mountain at some point. Although I’ve already mentioned her I’m not 100% sure where the Arya story is going next, she has plenty of people on her little list to kill but I’m sure she’ll run in to some more trouble on the way. Samwell Tarley is off to become a Maester in his own storyline and I assume at some point will end up back with Jon. Jorah has also disappeared on his own storyline but I’m not even sure he’ll return anywhere to be honest.

I think that covers about everyone. Again there’s so many to keep up with that it’s hard to know really. Overall I thought this season was much improved from the previous 2 or 3. It slowed down in the middle again but nowhere near as much as it has done previously, but the opening 2 episodes and the final 2 episodes were all amazing and it sets it up perfectly for season 7. The last 2 years haven’t left much to be desired or much anticipation for me personally but I’m definitely looking forward to the next season now. As much as this season has improved though it’s still definitely behind The Walking Dead for me. It just lacks in every department compared to that. It’s still better than TWD spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead but it has dropped down to my third favourite action-based fantasy show behind Netflix’s Daredevil which has been phenomenal for both its seasons now.


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