New Girl – Season 5

Another hilarious season of New Girl has gone by but has sadly ended with the same ‘cliffhanger’ (if you can call it that at this point) of ‘what’s going to happen between Nick and Jess?’ I think every season has ended with this question lingering now and it’s getting tiresome.

I love New Girl, after The Big Bang Theory it is my 2nd favourite sitcom that is still ongoing, but that same question has been looming forever and when you finally start to think it’s gone for good it just comes back in serious finale. Fortunately that was only the last episode (possibly the last two I don’t remember) and there hasn’t been any focus on it at all this season up to that point. Instead we’ve had Cece and Schmidt getting engaged and married, Winston becoming a cop and falling in love with his partner Aly, and a really well done romance between Nick and Reagan, despite her mainly being an off-screen character after her initial short stint whilst Jess was on Jury Duty/Zooey Deschanel was having a baby.

The level of comedy in this program is perfect for me. It’s a mix between intelligent comedy and very easy childish comedy and is seen in the dialogue, silly little scenes when there’s a prank or something goes wrong, and the characters personalities. Elizabeth Meriweather’s comedy writing is second to none and is very reminiscent of Friends but with an obvious 21st century modernised twist. Being forced to write Zooey Deschanel out of the program for a few episodes completely changed the rest of the series with a new character, 2 new plots, and a change of love interest for Nick. Zooey’s temporary replacement was Megan Fox and as much as I didn’t think much of her as an actress because of Transformers and other things she’s actually really good in this and was a shrewd casting choice. Refreshing as it was to have a new actress join the cast, all of the cast in this program are amazing. I feel like Zooey Deschanel plays the same quirky cute character in pretty much everything and from the interviews I’ve seen with her it seems that she’s just playing herself. None of the other actors are particularly famous and I think it’s the writing of the characters that makes them look good but that’s taking nothing away from any of them. They bring the characters to life and do the writing justice and that’s what makes a good actor.

Overall I don’t think this program is getting better or worse really, it’s steadily staying as funny as it has always been. Following the trend of 20-25 episodes per season suits New Girl perfectly. It keeps the audience interested for the entire season with a nice amount of different plots and changes taking place and leaves enough time to keep us in anticipation for several months before the next season starts. Let’s just hope we get an end to all the Nick and Jess nonsense and they either get together and stay together or never get together at all.


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