Captain America: Civil War – 2016

For the first time in about 18 months I actually went out with another human being to the cinema and paid a ridiculous amount of money to watch a film that cost a ridiculous amount of money to make.

I watch these Superhero films to be part of the mindless herd of sheep that Marvel gobble up money from because obviously you’re just not cool unless you’ve seen The Avengers, which despite its name, this film basically is; the only characters it’s missing are Thor, The Hulk, and the people from SHIELD; and rather than just make a film with a few less characters in they’ve decided to over-compensate and add an additional abundance of characters with Ant-Man, Spiderman, Black Panther, Falcon, War Machine, and The Winter Soldier. There is a slight focus on Captain America and Iron-Man but there’s so many sub-plots going on surrounding the two main plots that it’s hard to keep track or really care about keeping track for that matter.
The acting is excellent as you would expect from the amount of high calibre and high profile actors and actresses in the film although I’m not sure how I feel about the new Spiderman (tangential story to come later). At this point in the franchise I feel like most of the actors are just playing themselves as they imagine they would be with superpowers. Their characters are all famous, rich, get noticed in any busy street in the world, and divide opinion. The only differences are the costumes and abilities and most of that is done with stuntmen and CG anyway.

The storyline itself (despite how many there are) is actually rather good. Very different from the usual formula of thousands of bad guys led by one really bad guy against a small band of superheroes who don’t really get on. The second part of the films title isn’t at all misleading as there is indeed a ‘Civil War’ between ‘Team Captain America’ and ‘Team Iron-Man’ because of disagreements to do with the governments of the World regulating The Avengers and because of The Winter Soldier. New guy Black Panther and Iron-Man both want to kill The Winter Soldier for different reasons and Captain America wants to protect him and let him help because he believes he’s been framed and knows he isn’t always in control of his own mind. All the other superheroes are back and forth on whose team to join, fighting and then not fighting again until there are two perfectly balanced teams for the culminating battle in the airport of all places. Suffice to say aeroplanes are used as weapons in this 15 minute action-packed scene that really delivered when it mattered because you do rely on these films for a mass amount of action and explosions. The thing I liked about this action scene and this does go for The Avengers films as well, they spread out the focus on each superhero really well, giving them all a little cameo appearance in the spotlight. I think that’s what allows people to choose a favourite more freely. It’s a good marketing ploy on the part of Marvel more than anything. The more they spread the favouritism, the more adaptations they can make and different merchandise they can sell. The only problem I have with this final battle is that I’m not sure it’s close enough to the end of the film and because of that the actual ending becomes unimportant and disappointingly forgettable. It’s not the most predictable end but it’s certainly not an exciting end either. There’s also another little post-credits segment just in case we didn’t already know they’re going to keep milking these Marvel films until they’re costing more than they’re making, and as they hit $1 Billion worldwide yesterday that could be a very long time.

All in all this is a solid film, a lot better than the previous Captain America films and actually probably better than The Avengers films as well, certainly not as action packed but a much more thought out story. Only really two small problems, the name, because it should just be called The Avengers, and the non-eventful ending. I have no idea what film of this Avenger based series is coming out next but I’m pretty sure I’ll watch it. X-Men is definitely the next superhero film on my watch list though, who knows I may even pay to see that too.

Tangential story about Tom Holland (Spiderman):
I’m not sure if any of this was filmed in Liverpool or some other film he was doing was but for some reason or other he was on a night out in Liverpool and tried to get into the club that I work in on a Monday night (The Blue Angel/The Raz). Monday night is a rather busy night for us, mostly due to students from The University of Liverpool so we often have a few hundred people queuing up outside. Tom Holland being the ‘celebrity’ that he thinks he is decided that because he was Spiderman, he would tell everyone and that meant he could jump the queue. He was however unceremoniously removed from the queue by our 6’8 bouncer who apparently told him that he has a Spiderman onesie so is Spiderman on the weekends too. In Tom Holland’s defence he didn’t leave kicking and screaming as a lot of people do, but he still seems like a bit of a dick.


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