How to Train Your Dragon 2 – 2014

“When Hiccup and Toothless discover an ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the center of a battle to protect the peace.”

I put off watching this film for so long just because I thought there was no way it would be as good as the first one and it would completely let me down. I have never been so glad to be wrong in my life. I don’t really like animated films unless it’s a Sunday afternoon or it’s around Christmas time but the first How to Train Your Dragon film was so good that I watch it about 3 times a year. It is by far the best animated film since Toy Story 2 and there was so much hype about it when it got released and the sequel just didn’t have that hype so I just assumed it was a let down. In reflection I’m quite disappointed that I left it so long before I watched it because it was excellent. Not quite as good as the first one but still a really good animated film and a fitting sequel.

What I was impressed with that you don’t often see in sequels is the character development of both new and existing characters because that was one of the best things about the first film. All the characters in the first film are very likeable and the relationships between them are really well developed and that continues in the sequel. We also see the addition of three new important characters. The new characters are all pretty typical for this type of film but at the same time simple is still good when done properly and it is in this film. We have the estranged family member who comes back in to the protagonists life to help, the cocky villain who changes his ways and turns good, and the proper villain who wants to use dragons for evil to take over the world. Everything down to how the characters look to the people who do the voice-overs is so good and it’s not necessarily what makes the film excellent but it makes it easy to watch. If something looks wrong whether it be how the character looks to his/her voice or their actions it makes the whole film harder to watch, but they’ve just nailed every single character in this film.

I think they nailed the story as well. I wouldn’t say the first film lacked a villain because it didn’t really need one to be amazing but making a sequel they needed to do something a bit different and they did a brilliant job creating this story. I am going to be interested to see what they do for the third film because it’s going to be hard to keep up how good the first two have been never mind topping them. The idea with the whole living on a little island village thing seems easier to make a tv show for kids with a lot of 20 minute episodes than another 2 hour film but they haven’t let me down so far so unlike how I was for this sequel, I am fully behind the third film and may even be prepared to be the oldest person in the cinema who doesn’t have a child with them when it comes out.

I know I’m a bit late with this one so I might be a bit too slow for recommending this film to anyone, but for some reason if you’re reading this and haven’t seen it, or haven’t seen the first one, just stop what you’re doing and go and watch it because you’re doing life wrong if you haven’t seen and enjoyed this film.


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