From the Dark, Ejecta, Honeymoon, Let us Prey – 2014

A load of Horror films not really worth their own post because for the most part, they were absolutely awful. The order written in the title is from the worst to the best although being the ‘best’ out of this group still isn’t exactly complimentary.

From the Dark is a low budget Irish films starring just four people, one of which is supposed to be some sort of creature and one who is in the film for all of five minutes. A lot of the pressure then was on the main two characters, an Irish couple lost in the countryside and hunted by a creature that is afraid of/harmed by light. It doesn’t sound like a disastrous storyline, I mean it was never going to win any awards for creativity but a decent film could have been made out of it. The only problem is that a decent film wasn’t made of it on this occasion because it’s just so stupid. I’m not one to complain about a film being too unrealistic because they’re not really supposed to be, but I have to with this film. Nobody in that situation would do what these two characters do. They basically just give up on all the light sources they have and head towards the dark. I don’t really remember what happened at the end, I think they both died which would have been a suitable end to how stupid they both were throughout the film. Its 4.8 on IMDb is far too generous.

Ejecta was a completely different type of shit. The summary on IMDb is, “The story of one night on earth that changed everything we know about the universe.” I think whoever wrote this was like me and just did not understand what was going on for the entire film. There was an alien abduction, some kidnapping, a little private army, and some random man off the internet who blogs about the supernatural. Throughout the film the one positive was how creepy Julian Richings was as the main character. That casting was spot on I have to say. Unfortunately nothing exciting happened. It might have perked up in the last 15 minutes, I wouldn’t know because I fell asleep and it didn’t seem worth finishing the following night.

Honeymoon is another one like From the Dark which was very reliant on a couple. I think again there were four characters overall but two of them were barely in it. It was a bit hit and miss this film. The chemistry between the two main characters playing the couple on their honeymoon was excellent. I feel like Rose Leslie (Bea) was carrying Harry Treadaway (Paul) a bit because not only is she really hot and good at the loving girlfriend part, she was excellent at the creepy, distant, lying girlfriend part too. The miss part of the film was that it wasn’t exactly clear what was controlling her, which consequently led to a dreadful conclusion to the film, if you could call it a conclusion because nothing was really concluded.

Let Us Prey is the best of a bad bunch here and probably only because of Liam Cunningham. Having progressed in his career in cameo roles in tv shows and films he’s now a household name as Davos from Game of Thrones and he’s brilliant in it. I’m not really sure why he would want to be in this film if I’m honest but he is and anyone who has seen it is very glad that he is. Of all of these films, this has the most consistent storyline, the most action, and the best casting and acting. It just let itself down by jumping into stupidity. There is adding wit into horror films and then there’s trying to make a comedy horror film and I felt this was sort of planted in the middle. It was a decent film but it was just trying too hard to please everyone and it let itself down in that respect. It would be the only one I would recommend watching but really only because Liam Cunningham was so good it in.


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