Divergent/Insurgent – 2014/2015

Usually I put the description/summary of the film from IMDb to start off a film review but most people have seen the Hunger Games and these films are basically an ever worse, slightly lower budget version of those. World is divided into factions by virtues, young girl doesn’t fit into any because she’s a “divergent”, she has to learn to fight to overcome the odds because divergents get hunted for being different and dangerous. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? The Maze Runner is another one I find to be painfully similar.

Positives: Shailene Woodley isn’t any worse in this than Jennifer Lawrence is in The Hunger Games. There is more action in this than The Hunger Games actually so I take back my previous statement about it being even worse because it’s not really any worse. I wouldn’t say it was better either, just equally unremarkable.

The rest of the acting isn’t very good. Theo James is pretty poor, Miles Teller was the only other person I recognised and it seemed like a really odd role for him. He’s also Mr. Fantastic in the new Fantastic Four film though and although I am yet to see it, that seems equally ridiculous. Nobody else was particularly memorable.

I will still end up watching the 3rd one as I always do but I can’t see it being any better than these first two. Storyline isn’t in the slightest bit original and it doesn’t feel like anything particularly surprising or different is going to happen to make that change. I would recommend watching it if you like things like Hunger Games and The Maze Runner but they’re just not my sort of film.


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