Little holiday to the Austrian Alps Part 2/2

Now I was a little bit distracted by the blood coming out of my body and general pain but the views from the cable car going up the mountain were pretty spectacular but I’ll get on to that on my third day. The injuries had not yet finished. The first run down the mountain I spectacularly made it all the way down to the bottom without falling off again. I mean it wasn’t that spectacular I went as slow as humanly possible but I stayed on the bike, trying to get a bit of confidence up for the next run. That did not go at all well. I mean everyone else fell off too, but somehow they all knew how to fall off properly, I was the only one continuously bleeding for the entire day. My second fall was basically nothing in the scheme of things, a little bit embarrassing if anything just because I tipped over purely from being too cautious. It was on mud and a bit of grass so no further damage done. My third and final crash though, that was the one that did the real damage that had me actually sit in the apartment the entire following day, barely able to move.

I was going at some speed, but on pretty flat land compared to what I had already been down, but on a track that had a drop either side of about 2 feet. Not particularly high by any means but when your front wheel jams itself into a bit of missing track and you go over the handlebars and off the track, landing on your left shoulder and left hip/thigh, it bloody hurts. It actually hurt so much I blacked out for a a few seconds and couldn’t stand up for a good 10 minutes. I did manage to wearily get back on the back and get back to the apartment though. That’s enough of the negatives for the holiday anyway.

The Alps are pretty beautiful I have to say. On the third day the rest of the family took a day off the bikes for my benefit as I still couldn’t get on one and we all went hiking up the mountains and there are just some spectacular views and it’s also a lot of fun. I couldn’t go quite as quickly as I would have liked because I couldn’t put a great deal of weight on my left side and don’t own proper walking boots but it was the best day of the holiday for me. I know walking still isn’t the ideal holiday, but when you’re poor, in the middle of the Alps, and hate cycling, it’s about the best you can do.

The final day I was back on the bike. Wasn’t the most adventurous day, went about 35mph on a road, that was exciting, but we spent most of the time walking down hills with the bikes in hand because the “Cycling Path” was not fit for cycling. Thankfully I didn’t fall off once so there were no more injuries and I could enjoy my final night.

A few side notes. The restaurant food and service was impeccable. They have a bit of a fly problem but I feel like that’s a problem most of Europe has. Everyone speaks perfect English, they give you discounts just because you’re on holiday, they’re unbelievably polite and some of them gave us free shots to get rid of us because they wanted to close. Having said that, I wouldn’t go back with the same people. I don’t mind the walking but I’m still more of a Beaches, Sightseeing, and Shopping kind of guy.


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