Get Hard – 2015

“When millionaire James King is jailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars.”

Will Ferrell is undoubtedly the biggest name in what I would call proper comedy films over the last 15 years. There are a lot of comedic actors who are in equally funny films but not had the consistency that Will Ferrell has had over such a long period of time. The only name that comes close I would say is Adam Sandler, but I would consider him to be more the face of family comedy films. Will Ferrell has done excellent comedy films for every age category on such a consistent basis that I think he is beyond comparison. Some people will prefer Adam Sandler/Kevin James films and some people will prefer more consistently explicit films from the likes of Seth Rogen and Danny McBride. I personally love all comedy films so for me Will Ferrell is someone who can never disappoint. Kevin Hart isn’t exactly new to comedy by any means but he didn’t really land a prominent role in a brilliant comedy film where he was the main focus until last year in Ride Along.

There wasn’t much not to love about this film from a comedy aspect. It got criticized quite heavily by some reviewers for stereotyping race and homosexuality negatively but I see that as their loss for not seeing the comedy through the humour of stereotyping rather than the film doing a bad job. I liked the whole plot of the film. It’s not really a new role for Ferrell he has played similar characters before, Allen Gamble in The Other Guys seemed the most similar to me but it certainly didn’t lack originality or creativity. Throwing in casual race humour is risky in this day and age and is always going to create some backlash but I struggle to see how people could be offended by this film. It is classified as a comedy film, it is supposed to be funny, the natural instinct for the majority of people who optionally watch this type of film is to laugh, I would have to force myself to take offence to this and I think that people do that in order to write something ‘controversial’ or different.

6.1 on IMDb is pretty standard for a comedy film they don’t often go any higher than 7 and there are better ones out there. They’re not recognised as highly as the massive Hollywood blockbusters but the writing and producing of these types of film are so clever. I appreciate that it may not cost as much to produce or take as long to write and film but I find comedy to be forever under-appreciated as a genre in the movie industry because it is such a difficult skill to get people to laugh for a long period of time like they do. I feel like I’m taking away from how good this film is so I’ll finish by referring to something I said at the start. From a comedic aspect, this film is faultless and I would highly recommend watching it.


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