My own tennis season

I don’t really talk about what I get up to in my life, anyone who reads this probably just thinks I spend my life watching tv, films and wrestling and it’s not far from the truth being honest. I’ve finished university and not only don’t have a job yet but I don’t really know what I want to do. It’s worrying how badly planned out I have my life but I’m just not one to worry about things like that. Something that has kept me going in the times of immense boredom in between films and wrestling and looking for a part time job is my tennis.
I play for Liverpool Cricket Club for the Men’s 1st team in the Liverpool District 3rd Division and for the most part I enjoy it. The tennis section of the club is run by people I quite frankly cannot stand and it’s getting worse every year but the other guys in the team, my coach, and a couple of other people I play with are worth staying at the club for. I’m only 21 and still getting better every year but for probably the majority of the season this year I played with agonising tennis elbow. Fortunately it only severely affected one shot but unfortunately that shot was the serve. There were some days I was just throwing away service games because all of my effort couldn’t muster the power to get it over the net but having said that there was only one game all season when I lost both of my matches so despite the pain I still did a pretty good job.
It wasn’t my best season but I played the tennis I needed to play to win as did everyone else. I don’t think anyone played particularly outstanding we just had a pretty solid team and managed to clinch promotion on the final day of the season.
Next season we’re going to be in the 2nd division and the captain will have a difficult choice with my brother coming back. He won’t want to take anyone out the team but in my opinion my brother is the best doubles player at the club and there are at least 2 players past their best that he could replace, I just don’t think he will unfortunately and with the same team as this year we’ll struggle to stay in that division.
Whether or not I even stay at the club is a completely different issue. The treatment of my coach from the people who run the tennis section has been disgraceful, you can barely stand up on the courts when they’re bone dry never mind change direction. I’ll also be paying the adult membership instead of the student one which I think is about a £120 increase.  They’ll have to be pretty convincing to get me to stay but the promotion is definitely tempting, the only club I’d consider moving to is Mossley Hill and walking into their 1st team would still put me in the 4th division. We’ll just have to see what happens but all in all the season itself was pretty successful.


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