Season Predictions (Mainly Everton)

This year I feel like the gap between the big clubs and the small clubs is going to be much bigger. There has been a massive amount of money spent and Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, and Man City I feel will be leagues ahead of everyone else. Then I think Liverpool and Tottenham will be quite far ahead of everyone else in 5th and 6th, possibly Southampton up there as well because you never really know with them. They sell all their best players but still manage to be just as good every year. The bottom clubs I think Watford will go back down, Sunderland will really struggle this year and go down with them, and probably Leicester. I do think and hope Bournemouth stay up because they were exceptional at times last year. Newcastle were shocking at the end of last season and I always hope they go down but I think they have enough good players to keep themselves above the bottom clubs unfortunately.

But then there’s 7 or so teams that I think are going to be really hard to split. None of them have done anything special in the transfer market because they don’t have the money so 7th/8th to 14th/15th could be anyone. Everton have done nothing that makes me feel like this season will be much different to last. There will be no Europa League so we can focus on the Premier League a bit more but that was an overused excuse last season for a string of abysmal games. Deulofeu is a good, young, talented player and we got a really good deal for him but he’s also injury prone so he’s not going to make a massive difference. Cleverly is a solid player to have in the squad, but he’s not good enough for the 1st team and sadly I think Martinez thinks he is. There has been some good news with Stones still here (for now) and a few players signing long-term contracts but not enough new additions in the squad and still not enough goal scorers.

We’ve got Watford today at Goodison and we need to get off to a good start and build momentum from the very first game otherwise it’ll take a while before we can string some good performances together. What we really need though is effort, something I feel the team lacked last year. There really were some pathetic displays last year that got them rightfully booed off the field.

I forgot about this post and we’re in the second half and losing to Watford. This is shocking. We’re coming about 13th this season.


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