Lucha Underground – Ultima Lucha

I’m not going to do a match by match review but suffice to say it puts WWE and TNA to shame. As much as I don’t like the way the promos are done like a real tv show or more like a low budget film, the quality of wrestling mixed with the old school hardcore style is so good. It was like a mix between a WWE PPV of 10 years ago, ECW from 15 years ago, and a bit of the best TNA X Division. They have two wrestlers that WWE absolutely dropped the ball on with Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) and Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) who produced a match that would easily make the main event of a WWE PPV. Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr. was like an old Sandman vs. Sabu match it was absolutely brutal. Every single match was equally as good as the last though, there were no matches just to fill up the time and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

There are also smaller things that add to the show a little bit like the venue and the commentary. It’s a small, compact venue with an outstanding crowd who actually took part in one of the matches (I think). I couldn’t actually tell if it was staged or real but the welts on Hernandez’s head and back were definitely real and they looked painful. The venue itself was turned into an extension of the ring for the majority of the matches which was something we see in WWE once a year and never quite like that was anymore. Another little great addition is the commentary of Matt Striker. Loved him as a commentator for WWE but he never really got given a good run behind a commentary table but it’s definitely Lucha Underground’s gain. He has the experience, the knowledge, and the enthusiasm for pro wrestling and he’s at a company that I think will flourish over the next few years. I haven’t really been watching it weekly like I do WWE but I certainly will after this.


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