Wimbledon Predictions

With Wimbledon right around the corner I thought I better weigh in on who I want to win and who I think will actually win. Firstly I would like to see Lleyton Hewitt win at least one match. He has been going forever and is an absolute legend. It’s always good to see Hewitt and the Australian fans turn up at Wimbledon but it’s also good to see the new, young Australian talent they can support when Hewitt retires. Secondly I want anybody but Andy Murray to win, I do have specifics but as long as Murray doesn’t win I’ll be pretty satisfied.

Federer is always my pick to want to win for any tournament and this is no different. In the last few years this has ended mostly in disappointment but I have never-ending faith in Roger Federer that he can win another grand slam. As much as Wawrinka did the unthinkable at Roland Garros and beat an almost invincible Djokovic I don’t think he will be able to replicate that. Then again I didn’t think he was particularly great on clay before this year so maybe his grass game has improved enough. I do think Djokovic and Murray are the two favourites going in to Wimbledon this year are purely on the head to heads between the two Djokovic has got to be considered the favourite.

What could throw a spanner in the works of both of them is the success that tall people have had in the warm up grass tournaments. People like Anderson, Karlovic, Isner, and Cilic are all very much capable of upsetting the big names in the early rounds of Wimbledon. The one who looked most promising before his capitulation against Simon at Queen’s was Raonic, arguably the most complete and athletic tall man on the tour and for me the dark horse of the competition. You can also never count out people like Nadal, Berdych, Niskikori, and Tsonga on grass, and Seppi and Simon both had excellent tournaments in the last week so they could both do well but again I only really see one winner and that’s Djokovic, but I thought that at the French Open and that didn’t happen so you never know.


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