Orange Is The New Black – Season 3

For the most part I really enjoy this program and along with Daredevil it makes me want to watch a lot more of Netflix’s original programs. I don’t watch a great deal of Drama programs so it makes a nice change from my usual viewing. The only problem I have with it, along with everything else of Netflix, is that it’s not a weekly episodic program, they bring out all the episodes in one day. Now I don’t mind not having to wait a week for the next episode I could easily just wait it out and watch them like I do everything else if I wanted to; but by doing that one risks the chance of spoilers, and there are people who like this program enough to watch all 13 episodes in 2 or 3 days and post everything that happens on Facebook. I wish people like that didn’t exist but unfortunately they’re unavoidable sometimes.

The program itself has been fantastic. I still think the second season was slightly better because at times this season there has been a little too much going on for me but the acting and the script is brilliant. I’m not a fan of flashbacks but it does do a lot of character building and creates a much more cohesive group of characters. I feel like it did end a bit prematurely and nothing really got resolved but it has made me excited for the next season already. The one negative thing from a personal perspective is that I don’t really like any of the characters. They are all funny at times but nobody really stands out. It could be because something in the back of my head is telling me they’re all criminals and I shouldn’t like them but generally I have very little care for morality so I doubt it’s that. There’s just nobody that particularly stands out except Piper’s brother and he’s barely in it. The first two seasons focused mainly on Piper and she was very likeable for a long period of time but in this season I’ve really gone off her. It has branched out and focused on a different character in every episode but I just don’t like any of them. It’s not a problem of the program because I see a lot of people liking a lot of different characters, it’s just me annoying myself by being too picky.

It’s an excellent show though and I am always recommending it to people I know. I find a lot of male’s are a bit sceptical because on the surface it is a drama program about women in prison, it doesn’t sound exciting and has a female dominated cast which sadly puts some men off. I try to explain as best I can that there’s much more to it than that but some people will just never buy it. In their defence I probably would never have started watching it if my girlfriend at the time hadn’t wanted somebody to watch it with, but I’m glad I have continued to do so.


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