Game of Thrones Season 5

At the end of the last season of The Walking Dead I said that it was exceeding my expectations and it was the best show on tv and that I would have to wait for Game of Thrones to see what that brings to the table and like season 4 I feel like this season was a real disappointment. I won’t ever stop watching it but there isn’t that level of excitement every week that I have for The Walking Dead. I look forward to it being on but no more than I do my weekly comedy programs or things like Arrow and The Flash.

For the first 7 episodes of the series absolutely nothing happened. I wouldn’t have minded if it was building up any sort of good storyline but it wasn’t, it was just the same thing every episode. Episodes 8 and 9 were fantastic, good action and good acting but like last series, the final episode was so anti-climactic. As someone who hasn’t read any of the books and avoids spoilers like the plague I have loved the surprising deaths that have occurred in every season so far but this time it was so predictable. I’m not being bitter about who they killed either because as much as I liked Stannis Baratheon as a character he has always been a villain and was always going to die eventually and I haven’t liked Jon Snow or any storyline involving The Wall since the program started. At least the way they killed off Jon Snow was good, Stannis’ death was pathetic. It built up from the previous episode like a huge battle was about to happen and nothing did. The worst thing was that it almost did, and then there was what felt like a massive scene completely cut to the last 60 seconds of his life.

There isn’t much else to say about it really. I always feel a bit harsh being negative about a tv series that is based on a book because it might just be the book that’s incredibly boring. The Walking Dead is based on a comic book though and that’s still the best show on tv and I will definitely be looking forward to season 6 of that more than Game of Thrones. Something I do find about both endings of these programs is that I don’t know where a lot of the sub-plots are going. The difference being it annoys me in this more than The Walking Dead because I have absolutely no confidence that it’s going to be good anymore.


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