WWE – April, May, and some of June.

I thought about writing about every episode of RAW and Smackdown and NXT but I realised there’s so little happening that I could barely even scrape a post about a PPV. I will still try when I finish work at the end of next week but I haven’t really got time. I can’t actually think of everything that has happened since Wrestlemania but it’s not much. The only two people that are keeping it worth watching at the moment are Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose.

Owens is working damn hard to impress and it is paying off big with the fans. He has been cutting promos on RAW with Cena that are reminiscent of CM Punk and his in ring ability is phenomenal. He has probably got the most varied and impressive move-set I have seen in a long long time and his debut match against Cena really was something special. Have to give kudos to Cena as well which is something I don’t do very often. It’s not that Owens needs help to get over or help to show off how good he is in the ring but Cena is the perfect opponent for him to start off his career to show the faith that WWE have in him. A definite future World Champion. In NXT he is also continuing to impress against some of the best wrestlers in the world. I feel like it is only a matter of time before he drops the title to Balor or Samoa Joe so he can make the switch on to the main roster permanently. I feel a bit sorry for Samoa Joe as well because his debut has gone a bit under the radar with Owens being so impressive. Everyone is glad he’s here but at the same time Owens is the main attraction at the moment by a long way and everyone seems to be in his shadow.

One person that definitely isn’t in his shadow though is Dean Ambrose. A lot of people are describing him as a new Stone Cold Steve Austin type of character and he probably is the closest to that type of character we will ever get in the PG Era but it is still too early to tell at the moment this is only his first few months in the main event spotlight but he has looked so impressive. His promos are impeccable but it’s his energy and his attitude that make him so good to watch. He isn’t the most technically brilliant wrestler in the world but he’s old school and it’s just entertainment at its best.

Other things of note are the frequency of the PPV’s since Wrestlemania has finished. I’m not sure if it’s in my head or not but it seems like they’re pretty much every other week and no better than every episode of RAW. Elimination Chamber should have been good but the chamber matches themselves were just completely forgotten about because of the Owens/Cena match and now MITB is only next Sunday. Hopefully that will be quite good, despite Roman Reigns being the probable winner. I am looking forward to seeing Neville in that match, it should really be the type of match he makes a name for himself, I’m just praying for no botches. Finally the Divas division has completely slumped again. Paige is getting repetitive and I don’t know if the Bella’s are supposed to be heels or faces or what’s going on. Basically the NXT women’s division has been a lot better than the main roster’s Diva’s division and they just need to start promoting people like Charlotte and Sasha and Becky Lynch ASAP.


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