It Follows – 2015

“A young woman is followed by an unknown supernatural force after getting involved in a sexual encounter.”

One of the few horror films I haven’t been left disappointed with in recent years and I can see why it gets quite a high rating on IMDb. The one problem I had with it was that the ‘supernatural force’ is a walking sexual transmitted disease because it makes the film sound a lot more stupid than it is. Usually when films employ a storyline like that it is because they know it’s going to be bad but people might watch in the hope there will be a bit of sex in it, and this film really didn’t need to do that. Having said that it is something that I haven’t seen before and originality in horror films is something hard to find these days.

The acting wasn’t brilliant but for the most part it was pretty convincing, good mix of characters and a good script to go with it. It wasn’t the jumpiest or scariest film you will ever see but it was quite creepy, great build-up of tension and perfect timing throughout. I think the best thing about it is that it wasn’t confined to a house and even though for the most part it was after one person it didn’t feel like it because the whole group was always involved. It was also very constant, they fled for a bit and then it caught up numerous times but it didn’t have a bad repetitive feel to it because of the changing settings and the different forms the supernatural disease was taking. For me the film also had the right amount of deaths in it.

For a long time horror films were all the same, everybody died but the one innocent main character (usually a young woman), then they changed and for a couple of years nobody survived, particularly in lower budget films, but because of both of those periods now it could go either way so it leaves the audience guessing, adding that bit of suspense that had previously been lacking. In It Follows I genuinely had no idea who was going to die and who was going to survive so there was really no way it could have disappointed me at the end. Overall I feel like people will be put off by the title and summary of the plot of this film and therefore avoid it and I can understand that because it does sound stupid. Fortunately I’ll watch pretty much anything and because it sounds stupid it’s such a pleasant surprise when you do watch it because it was really good.


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