Playing With Dolls – 2015

“A serial killer is purposely released from an asylum for the criminally insane so that he can continue his rampage.”

A relatively accurate yet completely deceiving tagline to an absolutely dreadful thriller horror film. There is a serial killer purposely released but that isn’t really that relevant to the ‘story’ because he’s barely even in it and we only actually see him kill one person and that’s right at the start of the film. The first 5 minutes is an attractive black woman running away from the masked killer until she is eventually captured and killed but then the next 20 minutes is pointless back story on the main character Cindy (Natasha Blasick) and why she takes the ‘job’ of living in this secluded cabin with no communication or means of travel to the outside world and no other civilization for miles.

Once she reaches this cabin she is followed around by the serial killer, who it turns out is taking orders from someone who likes to watch young women being killed, because that’s really original and not been done before. So this guy giving the orders apparently wants to get to know the woman before the serial killer is allowed to kill her so he basically just follows her around the house for a couple of days (as he inexplicably has his own key to the house) until a policeman turns up while Cindy is in her hot tub and things get out of control.

Now what these low-budget horror films lack in special effects, famous actors, and better scriptwriters they often make up for with lots of good nudity and gore. This film fails on both of these attributes too unfortunately with very little nudity despite how attractive Natasha Blasick is throughout the film and virtually no gore after the initial killing in the first couple of minutes. We see a few hanging limbs and a few dodgy looking gun shot wounds (as the policeman kills more people than the serial killer) but other than that there’s just nothing. Cindy then ends up running away from the serial killer and everyone else that’s trying to kill the policeman in what is basically a repeat of the opening scene. The ending tops off one of the most anti-climactic films you will ever see. Once she has been rescued from the serial killer, by both a flash grenade and the policeman, she gets in the car with the man who has organised it who happens to turn up at the perfect time and drives off with her in the passenger seat, closing the film with a horrible soundtrack worthy of the film.

This film is a complete waste of time and its 2.6 rating on IMDb is completely justified. The cabin looked like a nice place for a little rural break in the woods if you’re scouting for one but as I’m not the film did not have one redeeming feature.


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