General Typical Negative Opinion on John Cena

As the commentators love telling us every week, everyone has an opinion on John Cena and you cannot talk about WWE without talking about him, which is unfortunate but I thought I might as well throw in my opinion to the internet. I don’t like him, because I like wrestling. The loudest crowd reaction every week is when he’s been getting beaten up for 10 minutes and gets up to do his stupid shoulder tackles and his stupid backdrop and his stupid five knuckle shuffle and gets booed to shit. To top it off he’s just buried Rusev to the mid-card to have a ridiculous feud with Ziggler over Lana after Rusev carried him in the PPV matches they had. One thing I do like is the US Title Open Challenge every week because there is a sense now that he could lose it at any time. It seemed pointless having it when he was scheduled to face Rusev at an upcoming PPV but now it could actually be good, as long as he doesn’t continue with 10 minute promos before every match. On to his barely existent wrestling ability. There are people who know they aren’t the best wrestlers so use their power and physique to their advantage instead which is fine, but Cena actually tries to wrestle properly, with his springboard stunner and dropkick and STF, and it just looks so awkward that it’s painful to watch. However because of the open challenge it is getting a lot of different people solid TV time against a big names. Also I did used to respect Cena for everything he has done for WWE in the past decade but it is just over-exploited now, he is the symbol for the PG Era and it’s great if you’re under the age of 15 or a parent of someone who is, but for everyone in between it’s just annoying.


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