Dean Ambrose’s recent run

Dean Ambrose has really come into his own in the last few weeks. Everyone knew when The Shield split that Rollins and Reigns were going to get their big pushes first so Ambrose had to bide his time. He was everyone’s favourite mid-carder when the IC Title was being stolen every week and since his push for the World Title he’s done the best promos and been in the best matches. Obviously he was never going to win but I am glad they’re keeping him in the mix rather than dropping him down to the IC Title Elimination Chamber. The only thing I hope he can improve on is his finisher. The DDT has been done a million times with different variations and different names. In the modern era the only two people who have been able to properly pull it off as a finisher are Edge and Paige, and they both had/have a primary finisher ahead of it. I think the best thing about his recent role is that it came as quite a big surprise. I saw the Orton/Rollins/Reigns feud coming but I thought it was much more likely to add Ambrose into the Sheamus/Barrett/Ziggler/Neville story somewhere. As I said though he has just come into his own and gone from strength to strength and is relishing the time he has in the spotlight.


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