The Pyramid – 2014

“An archaeological team attempts to unlock the secrets of a lost pyramid only to find themselves hunted by an insidious creature.”

I was a bit excited about this film given the links to The Hills Have Eyes, one of my favourite horror films ever made, but it didn’t come close to being as good as that is. I feel like it was a lot easier to make horror films several years ago, people just don’t scare as easily anymore. The one thing that should always be retained in horror and thriller films is the ability to make the audience jump, but it just doesn’t happen in this film. As dreadful as they are even the likes of Paranormal Activity and Insidious have small jumpy parts in them but there’s nothing in this film that makes you jump.

There are a few big problems with this film. Firstly the mixture of fake hand-held ‘found footage’ and actual filming from cameramen etc. As much as there’s nothing wrong with that, it needs to be done properly and it isn’t in this, it’s just a bit all over the place. Another thing a bit all over the place about this film is the casting. James Buckley being the oddest but he’s actually one of the redeeming features of this film, his comedic character slightly channelling his Jay character from The Inbetweeners. Denis O’Hare has pretty much played every type of character possible in his long career but then there’s Ashley Hinshaw who is still very young and very new, not to mention extremely attractive. Christa Nicola is virtually a nobody and I can see why from this because she was really quite annoying. I think the main problem though was that too much of it was filmed in the dark. It didn’t add a frightening atmosphere or any sort of suspense it just got frustrating to watch, waiting for something to eventually happen.

The story was neither good or bad. The historical twist was different, but the graphics to create Anubis and the little killer cat things wasn’t brilliant. The CGI was really poor and just made it look very low budget but the whole idea was good. The underground Pyramid that the locals were afraid of that only had three sides and had been cursed for millennia that a father-daughter architect team with a couple of film-makers decided to enter in the day they had left before they had to evacuate the site was good. One of the most important things for me in horror films is that they keep moving, they never slow down too much and this one doesn’t. It flows well, builds the story up pretty quickly as has significant events happen at steady periods throughout.

Although for the most part this review has been pretty negative I actually quite enjoyed The Pyramid. It’s just when The Hills Have Eyes is on the front of the advertising poster and on the trailer you need to compare it to that, and it’s simply not as good. It’s a better horror film than most and very original at a time when it’s hard to be but the poor CGI and the focus on keeping it dark let it down unfortunately.


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