TNA Impact

Writing this as I’m watching it for the first time in probably about 12 months on Challenge so I don’t know how old it is but Bobby Lashley and Kurt Angle are in the ring doing a promo Roman Reigns would even be able to improve. Some guy with a beard came out who I recognise but can’t think of who he is but I feel like he’s a bit like the heel Dean Ambrose of TNA. Bobby Lashley’s “Future Legend” t-shirt is quite laughable as was his spear on Angle as Eric Young (that’s who the guy with the beard is apparently) just gave him an eye-gauge, gave Angle a low blow, and moved out of the way of the now blinded Lashley attempts to spear him. Not a great opening segment to start with, but better than listening to The Authority like 90% of RAW opening segments. The advert for “TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice” looks a lot better and more extreme than “Extreme Rules” does.

Divas match now. WWE really dropped the ball on Awesome Kong and Gail Kim, and on Josh Matthews on commentary too. Awesome Kong is never going to win any prizes for being the best wrestler or the most mobile but the sheer size and presence of her is just such an asset to the women’s division in TNA. It’s weird seeing a women’s match longer than 30 seconds. WWE would manage to fit in about 3 Divas matches in the same amount of time that TNA fit 1 in.

“The Revolution” are in the ring. I think they’re the 3MB (not just because they have an Indian) equivalent but with 4 people and a proper leader. If they’re supposed to be more serious they’re not doing a very good job. That was a really short and really bad Triple Threat match.

Another great wrestler WWE dropped the ball with here with Drew Galloway/McIntyre. Although if you cut his hair shorter but keep the facial hair he would look exactly like Wil Wheaton. Dragging out this promo for “The Rising” a bit. No idea who these other two guys are, all throwing out some cheap shots to WWE “superstars” and emphasising “wrestler”. The “Beat Down Clan” (shocking name) have now come out, I think they’re the heels but the TNA crowd just cheer and boo everyone there doesn’t seem to be any actually heels and faces. About 10 seconds of brawling before I’m hit with an advert break. I don’t like how Drew’s accent breaks into American sometimes it’s very offputting. 6-man tag match was pretty boring, apparently this is a return from Homicide to ruin it but I’ve already lost interest to be honest, just glad it’s over.

Take back what I said about WWE dropping the ball with Josh Matthews, he’s just not that great a commentator. DJZ vs. Davey Richards next. Don’t know who any of them are but I think they’re X Division people. Pretty good match actually, always liked the X Division part of TNA but unfortunately it never made the rest of the show tolerable.

The Hardy’s are back together in TNA and I didn’t even know. I won’t watch it frequently because of them but it’s still good to see every once in a while. Brodus Clay is here too, still looks like an idiot and seems to be the bodyguard of someone called EC3, who just brought out a tag team partner called Bram, who I think is English is all over the place. Mr Anderson/Kennedy and Rockstar Spud (definitely English) out next. All promos for a vacant tag title apparently. Austin Aries out with a low-budget Money In The Bank briefcase and shocking attire with Bobby Roode next. I think that’s everybody. More adverts… I wish Supermarket Sweep was still on tv though I loved that when I was a kid. Nothing actually happened with that segment with all the tag teams, just a bit of talking and everyone left during the break. Onto the triple threat now.

Apparently Bobby Lashley is just “The Destroyer” Lashley now. Just gets more ridiculous with him. Don’t think WWE dropped the ball with him, never rated him. Kurt Angle on the other hand I would love to see back in WWE, one of the all time great wrestlers. Two absolute picture perfect German Suplexes from Angle. He’s obviously a bit slower than he was 10 years ago but he has not lost a step. 6 more German’s from Angle all picture perfect yet again. Two Angle slams and a slightly miss-hit moonsault that the commentators are claiming was deliberate to Lashley’s injured leg and Angle wins. Eric Young goes crazy after the match and assaults Lashley’s leg with a chair and a figure four after Angle has left and that closes the show. For my first viewing of TNA in a long long time it was actually better than expected. Tag Team division doesn’t seem to have much in comparison to WWE at the moment and I didn’t get to see much of the X Division unfortunately but it was a pretty good show, very watchable.


Gone Girl – 2014

“With his wife’s disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it’s suspected that he may not be innocent.”

Another film that I have failed to read the novel which it is based on beforehand and the only review of said novel I have is “shite book” coming from my ever eloquent mother. Irrespective of this review I find it difficult to believe that the book could actually be better than the film because I thought it was phenomenal. It’s unfortunate that Ben Affleck is permanently trying to break out of the shadow of Daredevil (as I seem to be about the only person who didn’t absolutely despise that film) because he really is an excellent actor and this was him at his very best. Rosamund Pike is also perfect in this film. Skipping through her IMDb page she has been in a lot of films I’ve seen but not in particularly memorable roles. Her role in this however is exceptional and most definitely memorable. It’s a difficult film to review in depth without completely spoiling it for anyone who may read this so all I can say about it really is; it’s very long but stick with it and you won’t regret it because it really is brilliant. I can’t remember every film I watched in 2014 but I’m pretty sure this would be amongst my top 3 if I did it really was that good. Psychological Thriller is one of the few genres at the moment not regurgitating itself monthly and Gone Girl is right at the height of originality, suspense, and surprise. As far as films go it’s as close to a psychological masterpiece as I think of.

Hideo Itami/Kenta

I never really watched NJPW like I have WWE so other than YouTube clips, Hideo Itami was pretty much new to me when he joined WWE. Having watched him for a few months in NXT and watching this weeks Wrestlemania Axxess NXT which was pretty much a special on Hideo’s short time in WWE so far I have to say like everyone else I am extremely impressed. It’s not his in-ring ability that makes him stand out for me because new and young talent from all over the world is something that WWE has in abundance at the moment both on the main roster and in NXT. What makes Hideo different for me is something that Triple H talked about when Hideo was first signed and what Jason Albert says about him on commentary every week. He comes across as someone very humble and very proud to perform. I know 90% of them are but you really do feel it with Hideo every time he’s in the ring. He has an air of confidence about him but I think that comes from how hard he’s worked to perfect what he does in the ring and the instant response he gets from the fans. At the same time though it’s like he feels privileged to get to do what he does everyday and the fans appreciate that about him.

The only downside to Itami is that WWE like people with good mic skills and Itami’s English isn’t that great. However it has improved significantly since he first signed with WWE so he has clearly been practicing that as well. I would give him an NXT Title run including at least another 6 months in NXT before moving him up to the main roster but it will be interesting to see if they leave him be because he is clearly over enough with the fans or give him a manager like they did with Rusev. Although having a face with a manager is quite a rarity these days and I really can’t see Itami as a heel; a lot can chance in a short space of time in wrestling though.

Mall – 2014 Film

“The lives of five disaffected suburbanites come together at a shopping mall in the wake of one man’s shooting spree.”

I just didn’t see the point of this film at all. It started off stupid and continued on down that line all the way through. They tried to add some weird sex scene to it to add some sort of entertainment value but it just didn’t happen. Cameron Monaghan as Jeff was the only believable actor and the only redeeming quality of the entire film. He will have only been 20 or 21 whilst filming and I think we might see him making the jump into bigger budget and plainly better films because he certainly has the quality. Any short good scenes in the film seemed out of place and forced because the rest of the film surrounding it was that bad. I have never read the Eric Bogosian novel on which it was based but I can imagine it is a lot better than the film because the concept of it is actually rather good, just executed poorly. Suffice to say I think Joe Hahn should stick to music videos, Linkin Park and artwork rather than pursue a directorial career in films. Never been a massive fan of Vincent D’Onofrio other than as Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket and I can’t imagine Mall was exactly a highlight of his career either. Unfortunately I think he might be taking another negative review from me when I see him as Kingpin in Daredevil in a few days because he’s no Michael Clarke Duncan is he. Overall Mall was simply a good idea wasted but I look forward to seeing Cameron Monaghan in better films in the future.

WWE RAW – 30/03/2015

Just going to be doing highlights this week. In the future I might write them like I have done Wrestlemania I’m already behind this week so this will have to do.

Brock Lesnar destroying pretty much everything:

I think when the World Championship Rematch was announced everyone knew that it wasn’t going to happen, but what did happen was just as epic. I seem to be about the only person who loves Michael Cole on commentary but even I have to admit, that F5 was a pleasure to watch. It was annoying how Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler then refused to turn the table back over for some reason though, or even sit down at either side of the table until the last match of the night. Also I pointed this out on Twitter when I was watching it, Cole took that F5 better than most of the wrestlers do and you can only applaud him for involving himself when he really doesn’t have to because it has got to hurt.

Bryan vs. Ziggler:

These two are mixing their excellent technical ability with the passion to be the best every time they’re in the ring and it makes for an amazing match every time. Ziggler for me is underrated by WWE but also overrated by a lot of fans. There’s no doubting how good he is, but he’s not Daniel Bryan good and I don’t think he ever will be. I don’t think he’s destined for the midcard but with some of the talent on NXT coming through I can’t see him ever having the World Championship. Sheamus return ruined this for me. I’ve never seen the hype of Sheamus, his new look is laughable, and I hope he doesn’t even get a chance at the IC Title never mind win it.

NXT Debuts:

Adrian Neville is fucking exceptional there’s no other way to put it. Solid start to his main roster career against Axel but he has all the tools to make it all the way to the top from what he’s done in NXT. No idea why they dropped his first name and gave him a cape though, can’t say I’m a fan of whoever made that decision.

The Lucha Dragons are going to be another refreshing addition to the ever-growing tag team division at the moment. Botch-free Sin Cara and Kalisto are the perfect combination for a tag team in WWE and I think we could be looking at the new Rey Mysterio in Kalisto. It is a pity that they got rid of Alberto Del Rio because that could have been an amazing feud to watch. People are getting on the back of The Ascension a bit but they’re solid in the ring and were dominant in NXT so I think they’ll come good sooner rather than later. Still hoping Cesaro and Kidd have those championships for a long time though because they are still head and shoulders above the rest.

Divas Tag Match:

Following up from a solid Wrestlemania match this 6 Diva Tag Match got really good deserved air time and the crowd appreciation for it was great to see. Like I said in my previous post, The Bellas have improved so much and so has Naomi, whereas Paige was born to wrestle and so was Natalya. The crowd held off on the CM Punk chants again but there’s still something about AJ I’m not liking at the moment, she seems to have hit a standstill at a time the other Divas have surged.

Finally the crowd. As usual the Post-Wrestlemania crowd will be the best RAW crowd all year. Not just saying this because I’m English, but it’s because of the Brits let’s face it. They need 1 PPV a year in the UK, it needs to happen, because I can’t afford to go to America to watch one.

The Walking Dead – Season 5 Finale

I think this season of The Walking Dead has been the best overall since Season 2. Both the introduction of new characters and the death of existing ones has brought back the excitement of the first 2 seasons. There were some good episodes when they were in the prison and The Governor definitely brought something the show desperately needed at the time but overall it lacked consistent excitement, action, and drama. I don’t read the comic books but from what I’ve heard it is starting to stray further and further away from them but if that’s what it takes to make the TV show better then there won’t be any complaints from me. Carl is still the only downside to the show for me. There’s just something about him I really can’t stand. I don’t know if it’s the actor or the character but I do not like him at all. Carol used to be on that list too but she’s been so amusing since they arrived in Alexandria she’s gone up in the world.

The finale left us with Morgan and Rick staring at each other. Morgan is someone I have been looking forward to seeing more of and hopefully that’s what season 6 will bring us. He’s been in some odd episodes and seems to be an intriguing and exciting character and hopefully he will be a more recurring character from now on although it could be the mystery surrounding him and the fact he has only been in a few episodes that have made him so good thus far.

On the whole I don’t really know where they’re going with the storyline. Obviously something is going to happen with The Wolves at some point, and something is going to happen with Sasha and Gabriel I just don’t know what, but everything else is kind of up in the air for the next several months. The Walking Dead is continuing to exceed my expectations though and we’ll have to see what Game Of Thrones brings to the table in a couple of weeks time but this is a league ahead at the moment for me.