WWE Extreme Rules Part 1/2


I actually forgot to watch the pre-show because I was too busy watching the Country Music Awards which I’m a bit disappointed about now because Barrett and Neville are two of my preferred wrestlers at the moment. From the short highlights it showed I can’t really tell if it was a good match or not but i’m glad they gave Neville the win over someone who isn’t Curtis Axel.

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper – Chicago Street Fight:

I love both of these guys and they always put on a good match. The only thing I would have changed is that it should have been falls count anywhere because them coming back into the stadium for 5 minutes at the end was a bit of an anti-climax. Having said that I thought having them leave and come back was a really good idea, its just when they came back it wasn’t great. Strangely as brilliant as these two are and how much extreme rules suits them I thought it was actually overshadowed by the Last Man Standing match later on. In terms of the result I think Ambrose needed a PPV win after a few losses in big matches over the last 6 months or so.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus – “Kiss Me Arse” Match:

A pretty ridiculous stipulation to count as ‘Extreme’. If it had to happen at all I would have rather they just kept it on RAW because it’s not a PPV quality match by any stretch of the imagination. Ziggler is still underrated by WWE but overrated by a lot of fans. I much prefer Sheamus as a heel and actually like his new character and his new look actually goes well with his new music but there’s just nowhere to really go with that bullying smaller guys storyline, especially with the only ‘small’ champion out of action and Barrett still next in line. I actually would have preferred a Sheamus win at this point and give it another month before he’s handed his first PPV loss since his return. The post match “arse-kissing” segment seemed to go on forever and was just ridiculous like it was always going to be when creative thought of it in the 5 second brainstorm they apparently had for this match.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The New Day (Kingston + Big E) for the Tag Team Titles:

This was probably the only really surprising result and also the most disappointing. The New Day gimmick had run its cause after about 2 weeks and face or heel, it just doesn’t work. The only reason I can think of as to why they gave them the titles are because R-Truth has dropped out of the IC Title picture and they haven’t had an African American champion in a while because they must be able to see the reaction is negative because of the gimmick and not because they’re supposed to be heels. The match itself was actually really good and I hope that Cesaro and Kidd stay as a tag team because they work really well together and the division has been much more entertaining since their formation. Kofi is always solid in the ring and Big E had that one good move where he pretty much gored Kidd and himself out of the ring but doesn’t make up for the result for me unfortunately.

John Cena vs. Rusev – Russian Chain Match for the US Title:

I never really see the point in these types of matches where you have to touch all four corners of the ring consecutively. I mean wrestling is unrealistic at the best of times but trying to convince the audience that it’s difficult to walk around the ring while you’re opponent is on the floor is just stupid. The chain was barely used and without headshots being allowed it just seems a bit pointless even having it. I still love Rusev but they need to stop him blaming Lana and complaining so much when he loses, it’s becoming like Christian and his “One More Match” disaster that went on for months, and although I hate Cena as a wrestler and as a champion I am liking the US Title open challenge every week, especially now it should be a bit less obvious he’s going to win every week.


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