Liverpool John Moores University English Department Decline

Now that I am coming to the end of my 3 years at University in LJMU I can safely say that I would not recommend anyone to go there to do English. The first year at every University is beyond pointless. It counts for 0% of your final degree, it doesn’t really help with your consequent years, yet, with the exception of one or two, it was the only year that I found that the lecturers actually cared about the students or what they were teaching. The second year got a bit worse but it was still okay. The inconsistency started creeping into the marking as well as the lateness getting them back. Seems ridiculous that if we hand something in late our marks get deducted but if they mark them late they act like it’s normal but that is what happens. As the first generation to be paying £9000 a year I think my expectations are rightfully very high and it simply hasn’t lived up to that and my final and most important year has topped off an overall disappointing University experience.

The inconsistency in the marking in 3rd year has been atrocious to the point I got what I consider a poor 2/2 to a good 1st on two assignments that I wrote only a few days apart. My complaints at this inconsistency were as usual dismissed. The changing of personnel as the head of English apparently didn’t trigger a change of attitudes towards serious problems. I still have a few assignments left before I graduate but because this final year has been so bad I just have no motivation to do them at all. Note to everyone wanting to do English at University in Liverpool, go to the University of Liverpool or Hope University, just don’t go to LJMU because you will regret it.


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