TNA Impact

Writing this as I’m watching it for the first time in probably about 12 months on Challenge so I don’t know how old it is but Bobby Lashley and Kurt Angle are in the ring doing a promo Roman Reigns would even be able to improve. Some guy with a beard came out who I recognise but can’t think of who he is but I feel like he’s a bit like the heel Dean Ambrose of TNA. Bobby Lashley’s “Future Legend” t-shirt is quite laughable as was his spear on Angle as Eric Young (that’s who the guy with the beard is apparently) just gave him an eye-gauge, gave Angle a low blow, and moved out of the way of the now blinded Lashley attempts to spear him. Not a great opening segment to start with, but better than listening to The Authority like 90% of RAW opening segments. The advert for “TNA One Night Only: Hardcore Justice” looks a lot better and more extreme than “Extreme Rules” does.

Divas match now. WWE really dropped the ball on Awesome Kong and Gail Kim, and on Josh Matthews on commentary too. Awesome Kong is never going to win any prizes for being the best wrestler or the most mobile but the sheer size and presence of her is just such an asset to the women’s division in TNA. It’s weird seeing a women’s match longer than 30 seconds. WWE would manage to fit in about 3 Divas matches in the same amount of time that TNA fit 1 in.

“The Revolution” are in the ring. I think they’re the 3MB (not just because they have an Indian) equivalent but with 4 people and a proper leader. If they’re supposed to be more serious they’re not doing a very good job. That was a really short and really bad Triple Threat match.

Another great wrestler WWE dropped the ball with here with Drew Galloway/McIntyre. Although if you cut his hair shorter but keep the facial hair he would look exactly like Wil Wheaton. Dragging out this promo for “The Rising” a bit. No idea who these other two guys are, all throwing out some cheap shots to WWE “superstars” and emphasising “wrestler”. The “Beat Down Clan” (shocking name) have now come out, I think they’re the heels but the TNA crowd just cheer and boo everyone there doesn’t seem to be any actually heels and faces. About 10 seconds of brawling before I’m hit with an advert break. I don’t like how Drew’s accent breaks into American sometimes it’s very offputting. 6-man tag match was pretty boring, apparently this is a return from Homicide to ruin it but I’ve already lost interest to be honest, just glad it’s over.

Take back what I said about WWE dropping the ball with Josh Matthews, he’s just not that great a commentator. DJZ vs. Davey Richards next. Don’t know who any of them are but I think they’re X Division people. Pretty good match actually, always liked the X Division part of TNA but unfortunately it never made the rest of the show tolerable.

The Hardy’s are back together in TNA and I didn’t even know. I won’t watch it frequently because of them but it’s still good to see every once in a while. Brodus Clay is here too, still looks like an idiot and seems to be the bodyguard of someone called EC3, who just brought out a tag team partner called Bram, who I think is English is all over the place. Mr Anderson/Kennedy and Rockstar Spud (definitely English) out next. All promos for a vacant tag title apparently. Austin Aries out with a low-budget Money In The Bank briefcase and shocking attire with Bobby Roode next. I think that’s everybody. More adverts… I wish Supermarket Sweep was still on tv though I loved that when I was a kid. Nothing actually happened with that segment with all the tag teams, just a bit of talking and everyone left during the break. Onto the triple threat now.

Apparently Bobby Lashley is just “The Destroyer” Lashley now. Just gets more ridiculous with him. Don’t think WWE dropped the ball with him, never rated him. Kurt Angle on the other hand I would love to see back in WWE, one of the all time great wrestlers. Two absolute picture perfect German Suplexes from Angle. He’s obviously a bit slower than he was 10 years ago but he has not lost a step. 6 more German’s from Angle all picture perfect yet again. Two Angle slams and a slightly miss-hit moonsault that the commentators are claiming was deliberate to Lashley’s injured leg and Angle wins. Eric Young goes crazy after the match and assaults Lashley’s leg with a chair and a figure four after Angle has left and that closes the show. For my first viewing of TNA in a long long time it was actually better than expected. Tag Team division doesn’t seem to have much in comparison to WWE at the moment and I didn’t get to see much of the X Division unfortunately but it was a pretty good show, very watchable.


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