Mall – 2014 Film

“The lives of five disaffected suburbanites come together at a shopping mall in the wake of one man’s shooting spree.”

I just didn’t see the point of this film at all. It started off stupid and continued on down that line all the way through. They tried to add some weird sex scene to it to add some sort of entertainment value but it just didn’t happen. Cameron Monaghan as Jeff was the only believable actor and the only redeeming quality of the entire film. He will have only been 20 or 21 whilst filming and I think we might see him making the jump into bigger budget and plainly better films because he certainly has the quality. Any short good scenes in the film seemed out of place and forced because the rest of the film surrounding it was that bad. I have never read the Eric Bogosian novel on which it was based but I can imagine it is a lot better than the film because the concept of it is actually rather good, just executed poorly. Suffice to say I think Joe Hahn should stick to music videos, Linkin Park and artwork rather than pursue a directorial career in films. Never been a massive fan of Vincent D’Onofrio other than as Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket and I can’t imagine Mall was exactly a highlight of his career either. Unfortunately I think he might be taking another negative review from me when I see him as Kingpin in Daredevil in a few days because he’s no Michael Clarke Duncan is he. Overall Mall was simply a good idea wasted but I look forward to seeing Cameron Monaghan in better films in the future.


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