WWE RAW – 30/03/2015

Just going to be doing highlights this week. In the future I might write them like I have done Wrestlemania I’m already behind this week so this will have to do.

Brock Lesnar destroying pretty much everything:

I think when the World Championship Rematch was announced everyone knew that it wasn’t going to happen, but what did happen was just as epic. I seem to be about the only person who loves Michael Cole on commentary but even I have to admit, that F5 was a pleasure to watch. It was annoying how Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler then refused to turn the table back over for some reason though, or even sit down at either side of the table until the last match of the night. Also I pointed this out on Twitter when I was watching it, Cole took that F5 better than most of the wrestlers do and you can only applaud him for involving himself when he really doesn’t have to because it has got to hurt.

Bryan vs. Ziggler:

These two are mixing their excellent technical ability with the passion to be the best every time they’re in the ring and it makes for an amazing match every time. Ziggler for me is underrated by WWE but also overrated by a lot of fans. There’s no doubting how good he is, but he’s not Daniel Bryan good and I don’t think he ever will be. I don’t think he’s destined for the midcard but with some of the talent on NXT coming through I can’t see him ever having the World Championship. Sheamus return ruined this for me. I’ve never seen the hype of Sheamus, his new look is laughable, and I hope he doesn’t even get a chance at the IC Title never mind win it.

NXT Debuts:

Adrian Neville is fucking exceptional there’s no other way to put it. Solid start to his main roster career against Axel but he has all the tools to make it all the way to the top from what he’s done in NXT. No idea why they dropped his first name and gave him a cape though, can’t say I’m a fan of whoever made that decision.

The Lucha Dragons are going to be another refreshing addition to the ever-growing tag team division at the moment. Botch-free Sin Cara and Kalisto are the perfect combination for a tag team in WWE and I think we could be looking at the new Rey Mysterio in Kalisto. It is a pity that they got rid of Alberto Del Rio because that could have been an amazing feud to watch. People are getting on the back of The Ascension a bit but they’re solid in the ring and were dominant in NXT so I think they’ll come good sooner rather than later. Still hoping Cesaro and Kidd have those championships for a long time though because they are still head and shoulders above the rest.

Divas Tag Match:

Following up from a solid Wrestlemania match this 6 Diva Tag Match got really good deserved air time and the crowd appreciation for it was great to see. Like I said in my previous post, The Bellas have improved so much and so has Naomi, whereas Paige was born to wrestle and so was Natalya. The crowd held off on the CM Punk chants again but there’s still something about AJ I’m not liking at the moment, she seems to have hit a standstill at a time the other Divas have surged.

Finally the crowd. As usual the Post-Wrestlemania crowd will be the best RAW crowd all year. Not just saying this because I’m English, but it’s because of the Brits let’s face it. They need 1 PPV a year in the UK, it needs to happen, because I can’t afford to go to America to watch one.


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