The Walking Dead – Season 5 Finale

I think this season of The Walking Dead has been the best overall since Season 2. Both the introduction of new characters and the death of existing ones has brought back the excitement of the first 2 seasons. There were some good episodes when they were in the prison and The Governor definitely brought something the show desperately needed at the time but overall it lacked consistent excitement, action, and drama. I don’t read the comic books but from what I’ve heard it is starting to stray further and further away from them but if that’s what it takes to make the TV show better then there won’t be any complaints from me. Carl is still the only downside to the show for me. There’s just something about him I really can’t stand. I don’t know if it’s the actor or the character but I do not like him at all. Carol used to be on that list too but she’s been so amusing since they arrived in Alexandria she’s gone up in the world.

The finale left us with Morgan and Rick staring at each other. Morgan is someone I have been looking forward to seeing more of and hopefully that’s what season 6 will bring us. He’s been in some odd episodes and seems to be an intriguing and exciting character and hopefully he will be a more recurring character from now on although it could be the mystery surrounding him and the fact he has only been in a few episodes that have made him so good thus far.

On the whole I don’t really know where they’re going with the storyline. Obviously something is going to happen with The Wolves at some point, and something is going to happen with Sasha and Gabriel I just don’t know what, but everything else is kind of up in the air for the next several months. The Walking Dead is continuing to exceed my expectations though and we’ll have to see what Game Of Thrones brings to the table in a couple of weeks time but this is a league ahead at the moment for me.


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