WWE Extreme Rules Part 2/2

Nikki Bella vs. Naomi – WWE Divas Ttitle:

Absolutely nothing “Extreme” about this match which is disappointing because it was really a chance to get people to take it seriously. The only stipulation I can remember being added to a Divas match in the last decade is a lumberjack match. I don’t know what it is about Naomi because she’s a good wrestler, a really good athlete, very creative and very original, but I just cannot stand watching her and I don’t know why. Nikki Bella continues to improve but Brie is getting more vocal on the outside of the ring every week and she does have a very piercing and distracting voice. I haven’t read much news about Paige whether she’s injured or taking a break but I hope she comes back sooner rather than later so I don’t have to watch Naomi for much longer.

Big Show vs. Roman Reigns – Last Man Standing Match:

Neither of these are the best wrestlers in the world but both are big and strong and have very high impact finishers so a Last Man Standing match was actually quite perfect for them and the match was really good. Before the match started it was obvious that Reigns was going to win just with all the Lesnar stuff that has preceded it. At times it got a bit silly because both of them were down for much longer than a normal 10 count numerous times but it was the most ‘extreme’ match of the night with numerous tables going through, including the spanish announce table to finish the match, and just as many chairs and kendo sticks as the Ambrose and Harper match. There have been a lot of times in the last few years when I thought it was time for Big Show to retire but he looked a lot better than he has done for a long time and his fitness for a man of his size and age is unbelievable. I don’t think there was ever a doubt about the result because of the few months Reigns has had but it will be interesting to see where he goes from here because I’m guessing Orton will still be the main wrestler in the title picture for at least 1 more PPV.

Bo Dallas vs. Ryback:

A bit of a waste of time and probably a last minute job because of Daniel Bryan not being able to compete but a decent reason to get Ryback an appearance and easy win on a PPV. I would have thought a Miz/Sandow segment would have been chosen over this but either way I think it was just a time filler.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton – Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title:

There wasn’t really anything special about this match if I’m being honest. I love both of them but a Steel Cage is the wrong setting to produce the best match between them. Considering they haven’t really been in many matches together I found it to be quite predictable. Neither of them produced anything particularly special to make it more entertaining. Considering the title was on the line and it was in a steel cage it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the match the two had at Wrestlemania. Kane and J&J were always going to interfere in some way or another and I do always like a cameo Kane appearance when he Chokeslams everyone. The ending was clever in a way with Seth using the RKO when it was banned. I’m guessing something will happen on RAW regarding them having to have a rematch because Seth broke the rules of the match. Overall quite a forgettable match but still the right feud to carry on.


WWE Extreme Rules Part 1/2


I actually forgot to watch the pre-show because I was too busy watching the Country Music Awards which I’m a bit disappointed about now because Barrett and Neville are two of my preferred wrestlers at the moment. From the short highlights it showed I can’t really tell if it was a good match or not but i’m glad they gave Neville the win over someone who isn’t Curtis Axel.

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper – Chicago Street Fight:

I love both of these guys and they always put on a good match. The only thing I would have changed is that it should have been falls count anywhere because them coming back into the stadium for 5 minutes at the end was a bit of an anti-climax. Having said that I thought having them leave and come back was a really good idea, its just when they came back it wasn’t great. Strangely as brilliant as these two are and how much extreme rules suits them I thought it was actually overshadowed by the Last Man Standing match later on. In terms of the result I think Ambrose needed a PPV win after a few losses in big matches over the last 6 months or so.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus – “Kiss Me Arse” Match:

A pretty ridiculous stipulation to count as ‘Extreme’. If it had to happen at all I would have rather they just kept it on RAW because it’s not a PPV quality match by any stretch of the imagination. Ziggler is still underrated by WWE but overrated by a lot of fans. I much prefer Sheamus as a heel and actually like his new character and his new look actually goes well with his new music but there’s just nowhere to really go with that bullying smaller guys storyline, especially with the only ‘small’ champion out of action and Barrett still next in line. I actually would have preferred a Sheamus win at this point and give it another month before he’s handed his first PPV loss since his return. The post match “arse-kissing” segment seemed to go on forever and was just ridiculous like it was always going to be when creative thought of it in the 5 second brainstorm they apparently had for this match.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The New Day (Kingston + Big E) for the Tag Team Titles:

This was probably the only really surprising result and also the most disappointing. The New Day gimmick had run its cause after about 2 weeks and face or heel, it just doesn’t work. The only reason I can think of as to why they gave them the titles are because R-Truth has dropped out of the IC Title picture and they haven’t had an African American champion in a while because they must be able to see the reaction is negative because of the gimmick and not because they’re supposed to be heels. The match itself was actually really good and I hope that Cesaro and Kidd stay as a tag team because they work really well together and the division has been much more entertaining since their formation. Kofi is always solid in the ring and Big E had that one good move where he pretty much gored Kidd and himself out of the ring but doesn’t make up for the result for me unfortunately.

John Cena vs. Rusev – Russian Chain Match for the US Title:

I never really see the point in these types of matches where you have to touch all four corners of the ring consecutively. I mean wrestling is unrealistic at the best of times but trying to convince the audience that it’s difficult to walk around the ring while you’re opponent is on the floor is just stupid. The chain was barely used and without headshots being allowed it just seems a bit pointless even having it. I still love Rusev but they need to stop him blaming Lana and complaining so much when he loses, it’s becoming like Christian and his “One More Match” disaster that went on for months, and although I hate Cena as a wrestler and as a champion I am liking the US Title open challenge every week, especially now it should be a bit less obvious he’s going to win every week.

Sabotage – 2014

“Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house.”

Recent Arnie films aren’t exactly known for their riveting story and originality and this is no different but it’s a pretty good film nonetheless. The story could have been a lot more typical if it was just the drug cartel they stole from who was attacking them so it was a nice little twist that it was someone from within the task force. It was surprisingly difficult trying to figure out which member of the group it was who was killing the others but unsurprising in the end because it’s usually the woman in these types of films. I didn’t see her killing her boyfriend and running off with the other guy though that was also a pleasant twist. A further twist right at the end showed Arnie to have stolen the money and not the two people who killed everyone so they did play around with the typical DEA vs. Drug Cartel film usually featuring Steven Seagal.

The casting was pretty solid but I feel it’s not really that difficult to cast for a film when the audience are only really watching for Arnie and all they really have to do is point a gun at someone. Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello, and Terrence Howard are all notable actors in their own right but if it wasn’t for Arnie I don’t think I would have bothered to watch it to be honest. Because it has got him in though it’s well worth a watch if you’re bored and in the mood for a simple action movie.

Liverpool John Moores University English Department Decline

Now that I am coming to the end of my 3 years at University in LJMU I can safely say that I would not recommend anyone to go there to do English. The first year at every University is beyond pointless. It counts for 0% of your final degree, it doesn’t really help with your consequent years, yet, with the exception of one or two, it was the only year that I found that the lecturers actually cared about the students or what they were teaching. The second year got a bit worse but it was still okay. The inconsistency started creeping into the marking as well as the lateness getting them back. Seems ridiculous that if we hand something in late our marks get deducted but if they mark them late they act like it’s normal but that is what happens. As the first generation to be paying £9000 a year I think my expectations are rightfully very high and it simply hasn’t lived up to that and my final and most important year has topped off an overall disappointing University experience.

The inconsistency in the marking in 3rd year has been atrocious to the point I got what I consider a poor 2/2 to a good 1st on two assignments that I wrote only a few days apart. My complaints at this inconsistency were as usual dismissed. The changing of personnel as the head of English apparently didn’t trigger a change of attitudes towards serious problems. I still have a few assignments left before I graduate but because this final year has been so bad I just have no motivation to do them at all. Note to everyone wanting to do English at University in Liverpool, go to the University of Liverpool or Hope University, just don’t go to LJMU because you will regret it.

Adrian Neville’s start on the main roster

Although it is slightly reminiscent of John Cena’s start in WWE against Kurt Angle I don’t really know where they’re going with Neville. Every match has been really good to watch but 2 wins against Axel and 3 clean losses against Ziggler, Sheamus, and Rollins and I feel like the next few weeks are going to be the same. His matches are amazing, he’s definitely the quickest and the best high flyer they’ve had since Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal. Unfortunately Bourne’s injuries kept him from reaching his potential with WWE but that’s not a problem Neville has had at all in NXT. The thing we haven’t really seen from Neville since his call up to the main roster is his strength which is almost as impressive as his high flying ability. Having said that he has debuted his 450 Splash off the barricade, something I think we only got to see once or twice on NXT and makes Justin Gabriel look like an amateur only doing it from the top rope. One of the things which might hold him back a bit is that there isn’t anyone at all like him to compare to. Kalisto is probably the closest but I can’t see him in singles competition anytime soon or Neville being in long-term tag team so it’s difficult to compare until they’re in the ring at the same time. Neville is definitely the better amateur wrestler of the two and they have different high-flying styles but I don’t think either one is better or more entertaining than the other. I look forward to seeing Neville every week but at some point I need him to win against a solid mid-carder, someone in the question for a number one contender’s match for the IC or US Title. Also, I don’t really like his cape, his music, or the deduction of his first name, even though I realise his real name is not Adrian, Neville on its own just does not sound right, even with “the man that gravity forgot” preceding it.

Daredevil – TV Series

The only prior knowledge I had of Daredevil before watching this was the 2003 Ben Affleck film. I have never been into comic books and have never read anything from Marvel or DC or Stan Lee but have always liked the tv and film adaptations. The Flash and Arrow are the two currently on weekly that come the end of the series I will blog about but Daredevil was very different.

It was a lot more serious than The Flash and Arrow. I find them to be fun to watch but not particularly gripping like Daredevil was. With all 13 episodes being put on the Netflix at the same time I managed to get through all of them in 3 days which is a testament to how good it really is because the first 4 episodes of Game of Thrones series 5 were leaked and I haven’t watched any of them yet. The only downside to that is that I will have to wait a long time for season 2 now and I don’t really want to.

The casting is fantastic. I have never seen Charlie Cox in anything, don’t really know much about him and it took a few episodes for me to like him as Matt Murdock and Daredevil but he progressively grew on me and in the last 3 or 4 episodes in particularly he was amazing. The same goes for Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk. I gave him a bit of a hard time for his role in Mall in a previous review and similar to Cox when he first entered the show it seemed an odd choice and not a particularly great one but he also grew on me and really shone in the final few episodes. Elden Henson as Foggy is the most relatable character and one who gives the show the much needed bits of light-heartedness and comedy. I actually thought one of the best characters was James Wesley, played by Toby Leonard Moore. He reminded of King Joffrey in Game Of Thrones, I just hated him but then when he died I was actually kind of sad he wasn’t in the show anymore.

The only criticism I have of the show is that the story sometimes takes jumps from episode to episode rather than small steps. It does keep every episode original but also lacks coherence sometimes. Having said that after one episode finished I always struggled not to put the next one on straight away and that’s how I got through episodes 7-13 in the same day. It’s rating on IMDb currently is 9.2 which is uncommonly high but is very well deserved as it was an exceptional opening series. Despite nothing being confirmed for a second season I can imagine there will be more to come and I am already looking forward to it.

Inside Llewyn Davis – 2013

“A week in the life of a young singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961.”

I remember seeing the trailer for this film when I went to see American Hustle a while ago and it was exceptionally misleading. It made it seem like it was going to be a very upbeat film about a folk singer making a success of himself with his cat as being both his travelling companion and part of his act and it couldn’t have been more different. Regardless of the misleading trailer, it was up there with The Wolf of Wall Street as one of my favourite films of 2013. Oscar Isaac is simply sensational as Llewyn Davis. I know absolutely nothing about folk music now never mind in the 1960’s or America’s music scene in general in the 60’s but it was so easy to to connect with this character. Brilliant writing and directing by Joel and Ethan Coen mixed with the perfect acting and singing of Oscar Isaac made a quite beautiful film. It was emotional through parts but is also combined some bit of clever, subtle comedy.

Although Llewyn is very much the central character of the film there is a solid wide range of characters and actors. Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, and Justin Timberlake are all the other names on the poster for the film and all play a somewhat strange range of people contributing to the very real feel that the film provides. The film shows Llewyn’s relationships with his family, his friends, strangers, other singers, and people he works with as well as how he deals with this loss of his former friend and singing partner. For Llewyn his way of expression and release is singing and it is the music that turns this into a pretty good but standard drama film into a beautiful piece of cinema.

Something you don’t find in normal films other than in the opening and ending credits are full songs without any interrupting dialogue. What it does in this film is emotionally connect the audience with the already very human Llewyn. I’m not a music expert by any stretch of the imagination and I don’t know how many original songs there were made specifically for the film, if any, but Isaac’s voice was stunning. The choice of music in the film is phenomenal and Isaac’s acting and singing performance is just unbelievable. Drama films are not usually my type of thing so I would say that even if it doesn’t seem like you would enjoy it, just try watching it because it is a very real and very beautiful film.