Wrestlemania 31 – Part 3/3

Rusev vs. John Cena for the United States Championship:

Reluctant to even mention this match because of the disappointment it brought to my night. This could have been so good for Rusev but they just had to have John Cena win yet again. I knew he was going to lose eventually and that was fine, but not on this night to Cena of all people. I respect Cena for everything he does and has done in and outside of the company over the last 10 years but he in just intolerable to watch in the ring for me. Rusev and Lana have been so entertaining since their debut. Matches have gotten a little repetitive at times, faced Jack Swagger more times than I’ve had hot dinners but everything about both of them and the gimmick is just perfect. Hopefully this loss won’t derail his progress in WWE and he won’t go back to the midcard but I have a feeling it will just be devastating for his career at the expense of yet another Title for Cena.

The Rock Returns and Michael Cole has an orgasm about it (yet again):

The Internet for some reason went absolutely ape-shit for this segment and I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I get that Ronda Rousey is a big deal at the moment, but I just didn’t see the point in this at all. I don’t like UFC, I don’t like Triple H and Stephanie taking up the time of PPV’s to talk about how they’re still in power, and I don’t like The Rock when he’s not being particularly funny. Stupid segment to follow a stupid match that preceeded it in the most disappointing hour or so of the show.

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt:

Everyone is a massive fan of the Undertaker or at least they should be and they should respect everything he has done in WWE and at Wrestlemania. However the streak breaking should have been his retirement match. Whether people chant, “You’ve still got it” during his matches or not, he is past it. This match still could have been good though, could being the main word there because it wasn’t. The actual wrestling was average, Undertaker did what he still can do, which isn’t bad but isn’t what it was by a long shot. Wyatt didn’t have to carry him as much as I thought but that was irrelevant anyway the match was never going to be outstanding, the ending should have been. This should have been Undertaker passing the torch to the next big thing for me. Wyatt has got the gimmick and the promos nailed down and it doesn’t need any more tweaking to get better, all it needed was this one win. Now I feel like he might just end up on the midcard with Rusev and anyone else amazing that WWE wants to bury.

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

I thought the build-up to this was poor and no matter how many times the commentary team said it, it certainly didn’t have a “big fight feel” to it. On paper it actually went exactly how I wanted it to and exactly how it should have done after Lesnar’s match with Undertaker and matches with Cena. He dominated Reigns for 90% of the match and it was “Suplex-City” like it was against Cena and as always with Brock it was a beautiful sight to watch. Reigns showed the same signs as Cena did with the always dreadful “Superman” punch that is almost as exaggerated as The Big Show’s ‘knockout’ punch and the Spear that pales in comparison to Edge,’s and Goldberg’s and especially Rhyno’s Gore. I called Rollins cashing in at Wrestlemania a long time ago but I didn’t think it would happen exactly like that. With the risk of Brock not re-signing they had to have him drop the title and those plans weren’t going to change just because he did re-sign days before. Regardless, the ending to the match and the show was simply great. Rollins deserves the title at the moment and I think he showed why in his match earlier on. Rollins, Orton, Lesnar, and Reigns all going for the title over the next few months is actually pretty exciting and Extreme Rules is not far away at all.


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