Wrestlemania 31 – Part 2/3

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins:

The best singles “wrestling” match of the night by far. For a few years I got really bored of Randy Orton but he seems completely different now. He was turning face to heel and vice versa almost as much as The Big Show and Mark Henry and his only big matches seemed to be endless Championship matches against John Cena. The last year or so he’s still turned more times than I would like but it has been controlled much better and even though his move-set hasn’t gotten noticeably larger his matches are much more entertaining. Seth Rollins is still pretty new to the scene and his promos in The Shield didn’t seem that convincing but in such a short time he has come on so much and both on the mic and in the ring he performs like a veteran. The match itself was brilliant. Good technical wrestling mixed with Orton’s sadistic beatings, some good heel interference from J&J Security and as JBL said, “That could be the best RKO we’ve ever seen”. The air time Rollins managed to get from the attempted Curb Stomp was unbelievable and the speed of Orton as well as his reaction afterwards polished off the match perfectly. Overall it was the right result to hopefully set up a good storyline for the World Title due to what happened later in the show.

Sting vs. Triple H:

Entrances were a bit a weird. I thought Sting’s was really well done but would have been more effective in darkness with artificial light but nevertheless it was very Wrestlemania like. Triple H’s on the other hand just seemed like a promo for the new Terminator film. Using Schwarzenegger was just wrong and the whole thing didn’t work for me. The match however definitely worked for me. Started off surprisingly with some actual good wrestling. I thought it was going to be more like an Undertaker match than anything else but it wasn’t. But that was all forgotten about anyway once DX and the NWO came out. It was a brilliant move on the part of WWE to bring the Monday Night Wars to Wrestlemania. I usually hate it when they wheel out retired people for 10 minutes on RAW but on this occasion at Wrestlemania in Sting’s first match in WWE it was perfect. On the ending, I was expecting Triple H to win but I don’t really know where they’re going to go with it from here. I’m yet to watch Sting’s interview that was on after RAW this week but I’m guessing I’ll probably find out then but overall I thought the match was excellent.

Skylar Grey, Kid Ink and Travis Barker:

Big waste of time really. Skylar Grey is an alright singer but that music really is not my scene so didn’t do anything for me.

AJ Lee and Paige vs. The Bella Twins:

Solid match. The Bella Twins have improved so much over the last year and I think people are really starting to see and appreciate it. The whole #GiveDivasAChance thing seems to be actually getting noticed and they’re getting longer matches every week. Paige for me is such a rare and exciting person to watch in the ring. She is one of those people that you just can’t help but think they were born to do it. At 22 years old she is the best prospect the Diva’s division has had for a long time and the fact that she is only going to keep getting better makes her so exciting. AJ’s matches are getting a little predictable though, making her a bit boring. Add that to the constant CM Punk chants that were thankfully avoided at Wrestlemania and I can see her being put back on the sidelines. Like I started with the match was solid, not reaching the heights of the likes of Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks on NXT but good to watch and good to see the improvement of all the Divas involved.


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