Wrestlemania 31 – Part 1/3

Wrestlemania 31

I’ll start off with my favourite moment of the night, John Cena defeating Rusev for the United States Championship, said nobody ever. Really I’ll just do this chronologically. Also it’s going in 3 parts because I had more to say than I thought


Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match for the Tag Team Championships. Los Matadores, A New Day (Kofi and Big E) The Usos, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

Before it started I was pretty disappointed that this match wasn’t on the main card and when it finished that feeling hadn’t changed. Everyone knew beforehand that Jey Uso was injured and wouldn’t be able to compete so they sorted that problem pretty quickly whilst still having 4 “teams” with Jimmy competing on his own. I think the referee lost control a bit and who was legal got a bit annoyingly confusing but in a Fatal 4-Way Tag Match these things are always going to happen and “chaos ensued” as Michael Cole would say. As with all matches with this many people in, everyone had their mini-moment. The result wasn’t as obvious as some other matches on the card but was definitely the preferred one in my opinion. Tyson Kidd has been underrated and underutilized for years in WWE and Cesaro flopped after the whole Paul Heyman thing last year so they deserve at least a decent run as Tag Team Champions.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal:

If it wasn’t for Brock Lesnar beating Undertaker, Cesaro winning that Battle Royal at last years Wrestlemania would have been the most surprising result on the card. This year however it had been predictable for weeks. I thought Sheamus may have returned and won but when he wasn’t there there was only one winner from the start and the commentators did nothing but talk about him the whole way through, making it that much more obvious. The match itself wasn’t even really worth talking about. The Big Show deserved the win as like the commentators said he has been compared to Andre The Giant throughout his career and he hasn’t won anything significant in a long time but the build up was just simply bad.

Actual Show:

7 Man Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match.

This was a difficult one to call. Going into the match I only wanted either Wade Barrett or R-Truth to win. Barrett is the best champion there for me. Excellent on the microphone and in the ring and one of the best heels in the WWE right now. They have got the Englishman who hates Americans gimmick nailed down and given him a catchphrase people actually like and it works. R-Truth is another one like Tyson Kidd, never been utilized to his full potential. His gimmick has been hilarious for years and he executes it perfectly every week and I think it’s about time that they gave him a run with a title. I knew before the match started that neither of these were actually going to win though. I couldn’t predict it like I could other matches I’ll talk about later but it was always between Bryan, Ziggler, and Ambrose. The Stardust gimmick is beyond ridiculous. It worked for a bit while feuding with Goldust but if they’re not going to go back to that at all then it needs to go. I love Luke Harper and he is an unbelievable talent especially for a man of his size and has an amazing future with WWE but right now isn’t quite his time and there is something about him that doesn’t quite seem ready. Out of the other three it was anyone’s guess who was going to win, I didn’t have a clue. Ambrose seemed to have the biggest push the weeks coming into it so I was half expecting him to win and Ziggler has been waiting for that extra little nudge for a while but in the end it was WWE’s decision to rectify Bryan’s less than pleasing return from injury by giving him the IC Title. Nobody deserves it more than Bryan for all the work he’s put in around the world on the independent circuit and since he has been in WWE but I just didn’t want it to happen. Love all three of them, knew one of them was going to win, just didn’t want any of them to, but Bryan is a bigger name than Barrett and he should actually give it that ‘prestige’ the WWE has been telling us it has still had for the past 10 years when it really hasn’t. The match itself was excellent though. I don’t think it lived up to the expectations of the promos because simply nobody does what the Hardy’s/Dudley’s/Edge & Christian do anymore and I don’t really think it was as good as the Money In The Bank matches ever were, but as usual with matches of that size and extreme nature everyone had their own moment of brilliance and it started the actual show off really well.


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